My son has ECZEMA & he loves Yore Balm. It is the only cream that soothes and 'cures' his skin condition.

– Patricia B.

Yore Balm healed my CHAFED UNDERCARRIAGE. F'n amazing! (so sad that we can't post these before & after pics)

– Chris D.

Mommy Miracle! Love Yore Balm for SORE NIPS, cradle cap & DIAPER RASH (and all other mama/baby skin)

– Audrey S.

BEST STAIN REMOVER EVER!!! Shocked that it removed set-in greasy stains that have been on my clothes for years!

– Lisa R.

The "laundry trio" (soap nuts, stain remover, brightens & whitens) does an excellent job cleaning my clothes & ELIMINATING ITCHY SKIN. As a bonus - my front loading machine doesn't have that funky moldy smell anymore!

– Michelle B.

Tried so many creams/lotions/ointments - & I was never pleased with results. After YORE BALM, I was immediately happy with it's CREAMY TEXTURE that MOISTURIZES & HEALS with no sticky film, no allergens and NO WEIRD SCENTS!

– Annette B.

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