With itches and rashes, red bumps and dry patches, my family was stressed, so I went on a quest.  Back we went, to the days of yore . . . simple and natural, we scratch no more.  

Hi there!  I'm Kim Mendes, founder of Yoreganics. Here's a little bit about me and of how Yoreganics came to be.

After getting my degree in International Business and landing an office job that just wasn't me, I decided to pursue a degree in something that I was passionate about - Interior Design. In the meantime, I married my college sweetheart and soon after gave birth to two beautiful daughters and a new business, GreenSpirational Interiors. 

Life should have been great, but I began to struggle with chronic debilitating pain. Years of conventional medical treatment, including surgery, failed to give me relief, so I began to seek out alternatives. This holistic journey led me to try alternative therapies, including herbal remedies and dietary changes that ultimately cured my pain. After this, I started to delve into researching the health effects of toxicity in our food, homes, and environment.

Around this same time, my younger daughter started experiencing problems of her own. She had developed eczema, and seemed to react to just about everything fragrances, soaps, foods, cleaning products, you name it. We couldn't even walk down certain aisles of the grocery store without her eyes tearing up and swelling and her skin breaking out in an itchy rash! 

Living this way just wasn't an option. I had hit a wall and I was desperate. 

I knew that as a mother, I had to take charge. I had to become an advocate for myself and for my family. It was then that I truly realized the importance of the little decisions that we make every day. I believe that these seemingly insignificant choices can add up to make or break the health of our bodies and the environment. 

At this point, I realized that I wanted to create a line of products to help other families with similar issues. The vision for my company was to revisit simple, like the days of yore, when Mother Nature's ingredients were used to heal our bodies naturally. And that's how Yoreganics was hatched!