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Removes greasy food stains & safe on natural fibers. 

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  •  ink
  • dirt
  • mayo
  • blood
  • grass
  • chocolate
  • car grease
  • food grease (even set-in)
  • salad dressing
  • spaghetti sauce
  • soy sauce
  • ketchup
  • life's little mishaps (pee, poo, barf) 


*For stains like coffee, tea, wine, juice, berries etc - use Yoreganics Brightens & Whitens.  

DIRECTIONS: spray on stain and gently scrub, rinse and wash accordingly.  

TO UNLOCK the trigger, press the button on the sprayer.

AMAZING ON REMOVING OLD SET-IN FOOD GREASE STAINS... you know what I'm talking about... those nasty oily spots that you forgot to treat before they went through the washer and dryer and you thought RUINED your new outfit! Rescue those clothes!

Safe on natural fibers (linen, silk, wool) and water-safe surfaces.

  non-toxic | biodegradable | USDA organic ingredients | no gluten, soy, corn  | vegan | cruelty free



*Saponified organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, *organic aloe vera, *organic blend of citrus essential oils, tea tree  and rosemary extract.


*Made with USDA Certified Organic Ingredients

.4 oz travel stain remover UPC# 045635595255

8 oz stain remover UPC# 804879344858

64 oz half gallon stain remover

Buy the big guy (half gallon)  ... it's like buying 5 of the 8 oz Stain Removers for $15 ea and then getting 3 FREE! duh:)





 THE B.O.M. dot COM - LIPSTICK & BABY FOOD - GONE!  Loveee yoreganics product but this time I was a skeptic bc I had lipstick stain on my microfiber couch which is new ,but then I tried it gave a little sprayed on it rub it with wet towel ,kaboom mm it's gone!  Mostly I use it for baby food stain and it always works!  I have tried all of the Yoreganics products and I'm never disappointed! - Noniek P.
 CHOCOLATE CAKE ON WHITE WOOL RUG - GONE!  Thanks Yoreganics - Nancy from RI
 PIZZA GREASE GONE - OTHER STAIN REMOVERS DIDN'T WORK!  My 7 yr old daughter decided to use our fabric covered ottoman as a plate for her pizza.  I removed the cover and sprayed it with a couple of different conventional stain removers and washed it.  I was so disappointed when they didn't work. So, I tried Yoreganics Stain Remover & was extremely happy, as well as surprised, when it removed the set-in pizza grease stain!  - Kim C.
 BLOODY WHITE SHIRT ... DIDN'T RUIN MY CHRISTMAS DAY!  I have used Yoreganics Stain Remover on everything.  I made a tenderloin on the rotisserie for Christmas, and my white shirt got covered in blood.  I didn't notice for a couple of days in the laundry.  I sprayed it and put it directly in the machine, and it came out perfectly clean with my Yoreganics Soap Nuts.  - Michelle from Chicago, IL 

 I'M OBSESSED WITH THIS STAIN REMOVER - LIFE SAVER! I discovered the stain remover a couple years ago at a green festival in Chicago. I've been obsessed with it ever since. I like to take good care of my clothes. So having Yoreganics stain remover is a life saver. As soon as I see a stain I apply and it goes away instantly. - Angelica M.

 BOYS, 7 ANIMALS & STAINS GALORE- I REGRET I DIDN'T TAKE PICTURES!  I used the stain remover on gross oily linen stains. I can't believe how well it worked!! I regret not taking pictures, but with boys and 7 animals, I am sure I will have picture-worthy stains to post again. Buying one of each product now!!  I heard you on Green Clean Talk with Leslie and Marie. Great story, great products and inspiring work. - Jean
 GREASY STAINS (SALAD DRESSING, BEANS) GONE ON LINEN PANTS I can't believe that your stain remover removed coffee, baked beans and salad dressing on my linen pants.  Once everyone finds out about your products - you are going to be a really big hit!  -Nancy C.
 DISGUSTING DOG BARF & BILE  I was pulled away from my morning meditation practice by my dog vomiting, on the rug of course. Unfortunately, it was that disgusting bile vomit, (Sorry to be gross, but bile leaves a dreadful stain!) I did not bother spraying your stain remover; I simply poured it on the rug. To my delight, it cleaned up perfectly and eliminated the odor. I am serious! Not a trace nor smell lingered. PS A half gallon purchase is a necessity at our home! - Jessie 
 GREASY CHEF, OLD STAIN... 6 TRIES FROM OTHER PRODUCTS UNTIL I FOUND YOURS!    I had an old grease stain from cooking, the stain was about a year old. When I discovered it, I used Shout and other brand name products that didn't remove the stain.  I tried over 6 different times without success.  At this point, the stain was definitely cooked in so I vowed to wear it only under sweatshirts.  I am so appreciative for Yoreganics Stain Remover, because it was the only product one that finally removed this old grease stain.  -Glenda G.
 WORST PIT STAINS GONE WITH STAIN REMOVER AND BRIGHTENS & WHITENS COMBO... sprayed with Stain Remover then soaked in Brightens & Whitens overnight - pit stains gone! - Moe

 I HAVE A 2 YR OLD KID (STAINS ARE ABUNDANT) - NO WORRIES FOR YOREGANICS STAIN REMOVER! I have a 2 year old so stains are abundant in my house. I've yet to find a stain this product can't get out, even old, set in stains. I recommend this to everyone! - Katie

OLD DRESS - NEW AGAIN!  Just had to give a shout out to your stain remover.  I got out a black and white striped dress I wore a few years ago to see if I could wear it this week. Unfortunately, it had stains all over the white parts of the dress!  I just put the stain remover on it and blotted it with a wet cloth and the stains are... GONE. YIPPEE!!!I thought the dress was ruined. Now I don't have to get a new one!!!   - Stacy from Plainfield, IL 

 A FIBER ARTIST - ALWAYS REMOVING STAINS FROM RECYCLED TEXTILES - BEST STAIN REMOVER EVERY - I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE ALL OF THE TIME! I am a fiber artist who works with recycle textiles so I often need to remove stains from my salvaged fabrics. This stuff is fantastic - I have yet to find a stain it can't get out- and it smells awesome. I recommend this to my friends and customers all the time!

 STAINED HAND ME DOWN CLOTHES -  NEW AGAIN! I passed your booth at the Coastal Growers Farmers Mkt and could not believe what you were telling your customers about set-in stains and your laundry products.  Since you offer a happiness guarantee, I thought I had nothing to lose.  My children are a year apart and I was going through their clothing and noticed what a wicked mess most of the summer clothes were.  I brought home your Stain Remover and sprayed it on the stains, and then added the Brightens & Whitens to the wash (along with the soap nuts of course) and BAM - all of those old and nasty stains were gone!  Now my second child doesn't have to look like she's wearing hand me downs!  Thanks so much:)  - Anna from Wickford, RI
 FINALLY - A STAIN REMOVER THAT WORKS WITH NO NASTY CHEMICALS!  Finally, a stain remover that works without the added chemicals! Now I don't have to worry about using it in loads that contain clothes for my little one with sensitive skin! Thanks!
 PERFECTION IN A BOTTLE  I have had issues with the washers in my complex randomly staining my clothes, and it unfortunately stained my brand new dress.  I sprayed the remover on, waited a few minutes, then rinsed and kneaded under hot water and voila - stain was gone!  I wish I had kept my other clothes that had gotten ruined they probably would have been saved too! I will never again use another product, this is perfection!   - Adian from Las Vegas, NV
 YOREGANICS PRODUCTS CONTINUE TO SAVE ME MONEY by making vintage and contemporary donated pieces (with problems) come back to life.  I want to buy stock in this company!!!!  Armani stained wool skirt - used Yoreganics Stain Remover - voila... stains gone!  A vintage cashmere sweater set - 3 sprays and Perfecto!  A vintage pink Valentino blouse with the   Old stained Pucci SILK scarf - like new again after Stain Remover (great on delicates!) 
-Moe Rouse, founder/director Mannequin Boutique in Cincinnati, Ohio (all of our proceeds go to charity!)



ReUSE the 8 oz spray bottle & the travel stain remover by refilling it from the Half gallon size!

When you buy the Half Gallon (64 oz) size ... it's a savings of over 40%.  It's like buying 5 of the 8oz triggers, and getting 3 FREE

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