yore skin starter kit
yore skin starter kit
yore skin starter kit
yore skin starter kit

yore skin starter kit

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KISS DRY SKIN GOODBYE!  Yore Wash, Yore Balm & FREE Yore Balm traveler size 

This dynamic duo fights dry skin, rashes, eczema and more.  A winter must have for the whole family!

Yore Skin Starter (YSS) $25 vs $34 = $7 savings!


  • 8 oz Yore Wash (YW)    Bathe or Shave!!!
  • .6 oz Yore Balm (YB)  Moisturize & Heal!
  • FREE .15 oz Yore Balm Traveler (YBT) $5 Value


    MOISTURIZES. SOOTHES. IMPROVES.  dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rashes, sensitive skin, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) and much more!


    IN THE DAYS OF YORE, only Mother Nature's pure ingredients were used to promote healthy skin.  Our special blend of her organic oils and botanicals will soothe, moisturize & improve the most delicate skin. 

    YORE WASH - BATHING or SHAVING (silky soft lavender) 

    • EXTRA MOISTURIZING WASH  for face, hands & body for the whole family - women, men, kids & babies
    • SHAVING GEL for women & men (and hairy babies)

    MOISTURIZE  split, cracked & inflamed skin

    SOOTHE itching, redness & irritation

    IMPROVE eczema, dry skin, relentless rashes & more!



    YORE WASH INGREDIENTS:  *Saponified organic oils of coconut, *olive and *jojoba, *organic guar gum, *organic lavender oil, *organic aloe vera, *organic calendula, rosemary extract. 

    YORE BALM INGREDIENTS: jojoba oil*, shea butter*, extra virgin coconut oil*, extra virgin olive oil*, beeswax*, rosemary extract*, calendula extract*   *USDA certified organic ingredients   CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY OREGON TILTH





    DRY, FLAKY SCALP GONE ON 2 MO OLD BABY  I have a 2 month old that has a very dry, flaky scalp and red, dry skin and this really cleared it up and made his skin so smooth and healthy. We tried a few other products and everything else made it worse, but this is really awesome, I definitely recommend it! -Jenna B.
    DRY/CRACKED HEELS CLEAR IN 2 DAYS  This product is wonderful! Used it for my dry/cracked heels and they cleared up within a couple days! - Ashley Q.
    MULTI-USE... LIPS, WRINKLES, UNDER EYES, CHAPPED FACES/HANDS - EVERYTHING! I'm addicted to the balm! It's consistency and fresh inperfect combo of ingredients! Great on lips , wrinkles, under eye, hands,chapped faces, etc. thank you!

    DR BOB SEARS SAID SO Our family has been using the Bye Bye Dry Balm since our pediatrician, Dr Bob Sears told us about it.  He gave us one to try and we have been using it ever since.  Our whole family uses it on our hands, face and body  - not just my daughter with eczema!  -Christine from Irvine, CA

    SAFE/EFFECTIVE FOR MY 6 YR OLD W/CELIAC DISEASE - GLUTEN FREE! DRY ELBOWS/HANDSI  am so happy to finally find a safe natural lotion stick, with good safe ingredients, that is so helpful in so many ways. I put it on my 6 year old daughter's dry hands and my 8 year old daughter's dry elbows and any other dry spots that she has. It is very helpful and I am so glad to have it on hand for anything else, it is very diverse. I am also happy it is gluten-free and happy that it states that on the bottle, as my 6 year old has Celiac Disease. Thank you!!

    SO MUCH CREAMIER THAN OTHER STICKS - HAS GREAT INGREDIENTS! This stick has great ingredients, and is so much creamier than other sticks. I love it!!! - Heidi S.
    EYELID ECZEMA - AMAZING & SAFE & TOTALLY EFFECTIVE ... INSTANT RELIEF   I used to use steroids to calm down the itching and flaking around my eyes/eyelids... Now, Yore Balm replaces that nasty stuff! - Kyle M.


    5 MONTH OLD BABY W/ECZEMA - NOTHING ELSE WORKED! CLEARED UP IN 2-3 DAYS!  We tried everything from the shelfs to help our baby daughters face.... nothing worked! I just so happen it on FB and showed my husband that night... he said he loved that the ingredients were so simple and pure so we said "why not?" we were pleased with the tube, it smelled light and good not over powering and we used it morning and night to start off and it cleared her face up after the second or third day. since it has been showing less we use it about every other day and it keeps the rash and eczema down. we love the product and i have told all my mommy friends about it!! - Jaime P.

    4 YR BATTLE W/PSORIASIS - NOW GONE -  CAN WEAR SHORTS AGAIN! YOREGANICS SAVED ME!  I suffer from psoriasis, and when my step daughter saw it, she gave me my first bye bye dry balm. . .well I cannot live without it! I apply it 3 times a day and it instantly relieves the itching and moistures the dry, flakey skin associated with psoriasis. . .in fact, my skin is almost clear after one month of use! I have had an area on my lower right leg for 4 years and I can finally wear dresses and shorts again :-) I HIGHLY recommend bye bye dry balm! - Cathy P.


    PREGO MAMA, WAS MISERABLE, NOW BETTER AFTER ONE APPLICATION! GOOD BYE STEROIDS! I have awful eczema and have, so far, found nothing that helps it except for a super strong steroid cream. Now I'm pregnant, and I haven't been able use the cream. I had been miserable, until I tried my friend's Bye Bye Dry Balm and my eczema was better after one application! I rushed out to buy my own. Thank you so much!
    SUNBURN AND WRINKLES - SO SOFT WHEN RUBBING IT IN ... I'M HOOKED!  I'm now finding that this stick works well on sunburn and my wrinkles! I can tell the ingredients are fresh! I love how soft it feels when rubbed in! At this are I will need a new stick every two weeks! Hooked!!!❤️ Heidi S.

    HAND, FOOT & MOUTH DISEASE  - NOTHING ELSE WORKED - YOUR CREAM SAVED US!  I swear by this product for everything. It's great even for the most sensitive skin and it works fast! It is soothing and gentle but works like a powerhouse! Everyone should have a stick of Bye Bye Dry! I literally tell everyone about your product it is so amazing. My son had hand foot mouth a few months ago and your cream saved us. He literally lost all the skin on his hands and feet bye bye dry soothed them and healed his sore hands and feet like nothing else could. I regularly use it on my kids cheeks and lips and it never burns or irritates even the most chapped skin. Thanks - Jacque

    NECESSITY ITEM FOR CRACKED NIPPLES - NURSING MAMAS - SAFE FOR BABY INGESTION! I am a nursing momma and noticed a pretty vicious crack on my nipple. I used YORE BALM and within *hours* the crack had healed enough for me to nurse my little one without experiencing any pain. By the following day, there were no signs that the area had been cracked at all. I actually couldn't believe how well it worked!  -Victoria

    LIGHTBULB BURN ON MY SON'S FACE - DOCTOR WAS AMAZED! Of course my crazy boys were horsing around and knocked a lamp off of the table, the shade fell off and the lightbulb burned my son's cheek (2nd degree burn)  We applied the Yore Balm within hours after it happened... and used nothing else.  Within days it was healing, and in 1.5 wks you could not tell which side of his face the burn was on.  2.5 wks and there was nothing left!  A miracle!  - Debbie P. (Picture shown in the REVIEWS tab link above)

    HEAD TO TOE SCRATCHY BABY I noticed my 1 yr old baby's skin was improving from the BBD balm in only 3 days.  She has eczema all over her body & she scratches EVERYWHERE & manages to tear up her poor little skin.  I'm so thrilled that I have found your product because it's so nice not having to use cortisone.  I really wish that you would offer a larger size balm stick.  - Jill from AZ  

    NO MORE CORTISONE During a recent bout with very dry itchy skin, I was ready to resort to cortisone cream, when I decided to try Yoreganics Bye Bye Dry Balm and found great relief right away.  I love that it uses natural and organic ingredients and not chemically based.  The stick is a great idea as it doesn't get on your hands and clothes.   A great skin care product!  -Betty from Charlestown, RI 

    ITCHY BACK RASH BE GONE This BBD balm is the only balm that relieves the itchy rash on my back.  Curel Itch Defense lotion didn't work for me when I thought it would.  Thanks for a great product! - Linda from Wakefield, RI 

    EXTREME DIAPER RASH MIRACLE IN A TUBE!  My best friend's baby had some extreme diaper rash.  Her doc gave her who knows what and it did not help.  I tried my BBD balm on it and it cleared it up!  It is like a miracle in a little tube! - Stacy from Wakefield, RI

    WE CAN ALL SLEEP AGAIN - SEVERE BABY ECZEMA RELIEF  I have an 18 mo old with severe eczema all over her body.  I had applied your BBD balm on her body and the redness and irritation has completely vanished from our daughters skin.  Can it be true?  Have we found the THING that allows her some comfort during the day and allows us to sleep at night?  We are praying so.  - Jayme from Canada

    "FANCY/EXPENSIVE" CREAMS DIDN'T WORK - YOURS SAVED MY FACE WITH ECZEMA! PRAYERS ANSWERED!  The balm is AMAZING! I eczema on my face and I have tried everything from plain coconut oil to super expensive and complex french products that I went to France to purchase and this works better than them ALL! I had been praying for something that would work and God is so great - I found this by accident in Whole Foods when considering a new lip balm. IT SHOULD BE PLACED NOT BY LIP BALM BUT BY SKIN CARE!! THANK YOU KIM! - Aicha

    AMAZED PEDIATRICIAN My daughter had a freak allergic reaction to something last night and had a rash on her back and belly.  I applied the BBD balm on it before bed and it was all but gone this morning.  My pediatrician was amazed and he actually wrote down what I used for his own children!  Thank you!  I love the BBD balm.  - Gloria from Memphis, TN

    NOTHING ELSE HAD WORKED, UNTIL NOW My daughter has had horrible eczema since she was born and we have tried EVERYTHING natural and not so natural.  We came across your products at Bellani Maternity in Warwick, RI and all of the moms were talking about it.  So, we tried the BBD wash and balm and were BLOWN AWAY that our little toddlers eczema spots are now no longer an issue.  THANK you Yoreganics for such amazing products that have made our life easier!  - Dorie from North Kingstown, RI 

    HELPING MY ACNE I have suffered from acne my whole life and have tried EVERYTHING to help it.  I recently started using the BBD balm as a nightly facial moisturizer.  I just turned 43 and can honestly say this year has been the first year I can leave the house without wearing makeup.  I visited my sister after using it for 3 months and within the first 5 minutes of our visit - she told me that my face never looked better and asked me what I was using.  She sat down & ordered one for herself right away. I love that the ingredients are organic and have antibacterial and healing properties.  LOVE IT - Customer and believer for life!  - Cindy from Memphis, TN

    SKINCARE THERAPIST - IMPRESSED... WANT A BIGGER CONTAINER OF IT!  As a skincare therapist, I am impressed! This is the product I go to when nothing else works! Super dry skin (I am based in Minnesota) due to cold temps and wind is one of my toughest battles! This works. Every time! Only beef about it is the small container!!!! I want more :)

    I'VE TRIED A LOT OF NATURAL PRODUCTS & YOURS IS THE BEST I've been a naturalist my whole life and have tried a LOT of products in the market.  Your laundry & body care products are AMAZING.  Thanks for believing in Mother Nature and following your dreams!  -Taryn from Cypress, TX

    POISON OAK RASH Having had a terrible itching and burning skin rash from poison oak, I tried NUMEROUS over the counter medications and natural remedies with no relief from the sypmptoms until I tried Yoreganics Bye Bye Dry balm.  It was immediately effective!  I always have 2 tubes on hand, 1 for myself and 1 to pass to a friend in need!  - Charlotte, accupuncturist from Mankato, MN 

    HAIR STAYING PRODUCT  I have tried everything from baby lotion to physician prescribed lotion for eczema relief.  Only Yoreganics BBD balm has had the pain free application and still helps heal my hands.  AND it works great as a staying product for my 1 yr old son's hair - it holds it up great! - Julie from New Ulm, MN  

    NO PAIN, NO GAIN? CHAFING PARTS My husband is a runner and is constantly looking for relief from chafing and bleeding nipples during his races.  He used your BBD balm for his half marathon last week and was so happy that he found something that works!  No pain, no gain - not true for bleeding nipples! - Cristina from Taunton, MA