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Hello Mr. & Mrs. Wholesaler!   

(Nice try if you aren't a wholesaler, but just want their pricing:)

Once you have filled out the Wholesale Wannabe Application form (tax id#, min of $150 order, have a web/store & other info), you will be sent an email within 24-48 hrs to officially set you up as a Wholesaler - with your unique login (email and your own password)!  

THEN . . .  your discounted wholesale pricing will automatically show up when you login . . . and you can shop just like everyone else shops.


MUST LOGIN with your unique wholesale email/password FIRST . . .
THEN, GO TO: the SHOP TAB, choose from the drop down menu: BODY and/or LAUNDRY 

PS  Thanks again for selling my stuff and helping your customers at the same time!

Kim Mendes  |  founder + crazy mother  |