Who loves doing laundry?

I'm just taking a survey... Do you love doing laundry?   

Some of my conflicting thoughts, feelings & observations about LAUNDRY...

#1 I own this laundry/body care company, therefore I MUST love doing laundry (guilt)

#2 I'm thankful for being able to own clothing and laundry AND in a home where I can own my own washing machine (more guilt)

#3 Could my girls possibly change into any more outfits and throw them in the dirty pile in one given day? (anger/resentment)

#4Tony Robbins would want me to "walk on fire" with my laundry ... live life happily - even while scrubbing out stains and using eco friendly bleach.   ALL with a happy smile on my face:) (inspirational laundry moments that I want to have!) (more guilt)

#5 Should be hanging out more laundry on the line outside to flap in the bright & beautiful dryer outside. (guilt, guilt)

#6 Should not be letting piles of folded laundry pile up so much on our dressers (guilty guilt)

WOW - what a therapy session this blogging thing is!  

It seems that I really need to hire someone to do my laundry to get rid of most of this GUILT... although hiring someone would also make me feel guilty!  WHY must I feel so guilty over such a beautiful and selfless task for my family? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

The Laundry Lady (my fellow farmer's mkt vendors call me this)



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