Hi world... it's me, Kim Mendes

If we haven't met, I'm Kim Mendes - founder & mother of Yoreganics.  


  • people
  • nature
  • being silly 
  • vintage & rustic
  • making things pretty
  • thinking outside of the box
  • thrift shopping - yard/estate sales, flea mkts -  dig an awesome bargain
  • redesigning - using what you already have around house in a new and exciting way
  • green living - cleaning tips, composting, reducing toxic exposure, & all that 
  • making other people laugh - usually with completely inappropriate comments
  • taking photos - capturing one little awesome moment of my life at a time
  • holistic health topics (I was in so much pain & traditional routes failed me)
  • learning new things in the department of raw food, green smoothies & juicing
  • sweets - addicted to anything sweet... have a big chocolate problem i'm working on:)
  • exercise - well, truth is i WANT to love exercise, but currently don't!
  • inspirational stories and personal growth stuff
  • metaphors, analogies & acronyms - it's my brains way of making sense out of life!

I will jump topics on you all of the time & will never use proper grammatical writing rules - sorry:(  

Be prepared for a fun & bumpy tractor ride. . . it's crazy living in this brain of mine!


               MY FAMILY  

My FamilyME, Kim - almost 39 yrs old

VINNY - hubby - met in college in Lisle, IL 

MORGAN - 1st daughter 10 yrs, aka mini vinny 

ADDISON - our baby who is now 7, aka mini me

EVE - our Ragdoll black cat - 1.5 yrs old



I grew up in the Midwest - Southwest Chicago area - Plainfield, IL. Now live on the East Coast -  Rhode Island - almost 2 yrs

Can't wait to share my journey with you . . . and hopefully you will share some of your moments with me on the way!

Love & laughter!



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