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Clean, soften & remove odors naturally - great for sensitive skin/eczema.  Natural Laundry Wash.

Soap berries, or soap nuts, are dried berries that are harvested from the trees of the Sapindus Mukorossi - in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.  Their outer shells contain saponin, which creates a natural soap when agitated in water - use them in place of traditional detergents and fabric softeners. They effectively clean, soften and remove odors from your laundry - naturally! They have been used for centuries as a natural way to clean laundry, or a natural laundry detergent.  

clean | soften | remove odors 

Yoreganics soap nuts are USDA certified organic

and EcoCert certified organic... and they are deseeded from the Sapindus Mukorossi trees in the Himalayan Mountains.


  • Sensitive skin
  • Organic laundry
  • Soft, hard & well water
  • Delicates: silk, wool & cashmere
  • Militarty use: no optical brighteners
  • Cloth diapers - no residue build up
  • Septic & grey water systems: microbe friendly
  • Travel: vacations/camping - no heavy jugs to lug
  • Std & HE high washing machines - low sudsing
  • Eczema & MCS multiple chemical sensitivities
  • People & pets with allergies - they're a fruit, not a nut
  • Other uses: carpet cleaners, windows/mirrors & more! 

biodegradable | hypoallergenic | economical

vegan |  fragrance free | cruelty free

no: gluten, corn, soy


*0.5 oz sampler 5 soap nuts 5-10 loads

*8 oz bag 80-160 loads   UPC# 804879344803

*2 lb bag 320-640 loads  UPC# 804879344834

*10 pack of mini muslin wash bags for $12 (nuts not included) 

A set of 10 Muslin Wash Bags with drawstring... MINUS the soap nuts.  

These are the same bags that the soap nut samplers come in.

FYI . . . these little wash bags are NOT your only option . . .

feel free to use a long tube sock with knot, mesh delicates bag...

anything that will keep Yore Nuts contained that will allow the saponin/soap to release:)  

Yore Nuts are not picky!


SOAP NUTS REPLACE traditional detergents and fabric softeners.

PRE-TREAT STAINS with our STAIN REMOVER for greasy stains and/or BRIGHTENS & WHITENS for stubborn, set-in stinks & stains (and as a laundry enhancer).

WASHING MACHINES: works in standard & HE high efficiency washing machines. 

PLACE 5 SOAP BERRIES (same for HE & std machines) in something that will allow the saponin/soap to release into the wash without leaving the soap berries loose.  You can use a sock/tube sock (knotted at the end), a reusable mini wash bag, a delicates zipper mesh bag, an old nylon tied closed.  Toss it into the drum of your washing machine with your laundry.  Works in cold, warm, hot water & with all load sizes.

RINSE CYCLE:  Yes, your soap nuts stay in your machine for the entire time, including the rinse cycle - they add extra softness.  Remember soap nuts are low sudsing so you laundry is not going to leave a detergent residue buildup full of fragrances & carcinogenic chemicals like the other laundry detergents.  You'll be amazed how clean & soft your laundry will feel.  

DID YOU KNOW other detergents leave so much residue left on your clothing/linens that you could wash them in plain water for up to 14 washes before all of the old detergent will still be released.  Those nasty chemicals stay on your clothes and trap dirt, oils and funky smells into your "clean" laundry.  AND they are absorbed into your skin every single day... YUCK:(

REMOVE bag/sock and set aside for your next load before placing clothes into dryer or line drying.  

LEFT YORE NUTS IN THE DRYER?  Don't worry, we all have done it!  They will not harm, stain or rewash your clothes.  Don't throw these soap nuts away.  If they still have saponin/soap in them, use them again!

REPLACE the soap nuts when they become thin and light tan/grayish in color.  Still not sure?  Place them in a jar with water and shake.  If they still create suds, use them again.  If not, toss them in your compost or yard to biodegrade.

AVERAGES 5 to 10 loads of laundry for the original 5 soap nuts.  Mileage may vary dependent upon the type and temperature of your water.  Soft water yields more loads than hard; cold water yields more than hot.

HARD AND WELL WATER: To help soften your water, we suggest adding 1-2 Tbsp of BRIGHTENS & WHITENS to your laundry and it also enhances cleaning power - crisper whites & brighter colors!

CLOTH DIAPERS & TOWELS: soap nuts are great for cloth diapers & towels.  They don't leave the detergent residue build up which repels water.  You want your cloth diapers & towels to absorb liquid, not repel it.  This detergent residue build-up leaves that ammonia smell in diapers and that funky smell on towels and in your washing machine.  LESS STINK. MORE ABSORBENCY!

HAND WASHING FOR DELICATES: soap nuts are great for delicates like silk, wool and cashmere.

SOAP NUTS are a great laundry detergent or soap for sensitve skin and eczema. 



View our customer RAVES on Soap Nuts

 HUBBY W/BAD ECZEMA - NO MORE AFTER YORE NUTS & YORE BALM! My husband has bad eczema and nothing worked to get rid of the rashes and split skin. He was using prescription steroid cream frequently. He used the Yore Balm to control his itching and it worked! At the same time, we switched to using soap berries and he is now rash free and his eczema is more than controlled- it is barely an issue! Because the soap berries have worked to reduce the irritation found in regular laundry detergent (and we were using the dye free/perfume free kind of detergent and it still caused rashes), he no longer needs the balm. So I use the Yore Balm sticks for diaper rashes and for bug bites (the kids say it works better than the cortisone cream I used to use.) I like that we are no longer using harsh chemicals and steroids, but all natural ingredients. And best of all- it works BETTER than all the other remedies we tried - Jennifer B.

I went cold turkey on the chemicals for the laundry all at once and used only your products (Soap nuts, Stain remover, Brightens & Whitens) and in less than 2 weeks, my 20 month old had no eczema at all.  His body was covered in red, unsightly bumps pretty much his whole life until 2 weeks ago!
-Michelle from Chicago, IL 

 SOAP BERRIES ARE AMAZING!  These soap berries are amazing! Just be aware they do not come w a mesh bag to use for laundry so you'll need to purchase or make one to use this. Anyways, fast delivery and worth every penny!

 PERFECT FOR CLOTH DIAPERS - BETTER THAN "FREE & CLEAR" DETERGENTS!  I'm used to washing my clothing and diapers in "Free & Clear", green or eco-friendly detergents because I thought that was the best you could buy - no fragrances, no dyes and I thought no other unnecessary chemicals!  It turns out that many of these companies still use harsh chemicals and optical brighteners that are still harmful to my baby's delicate skin.  Soap nuts remove odors and everything comes out fresh and clean.  I will also mention that my diapers have extra absorbency since the chemical build up is gone!  I have to say that I will NEVER go back to anything else for my diapers and our clothes since we've discovered soap nuts.  They are AMAZING and I am hooked - wish I would've discovered them sooner! -Jessica from Joliet, IL 

  NO MORE STINKY CROTCH BIKE SHORTS!  My husband is an active cyclist and his biking shorts STINK something fierce.  The other detergents just mask the smell with their fragrances.  I couldn't believe the soap nuts actually removed this nasty odor!  -Stacy from Plainfield, IL 
 SKEPTIC. NOT WILLING TO EXCHANGE CLEAN FOR "GREEN"  I am VERY particular with my cleaning products and I am not one to sacrifice clean for "going green".  I never had any major issues with detergents until I switched to a different brand one week.   My baby broke out in a horrible rash for three days - from her neck down to her poor little toes.  It started to make me think - "Could there possibly be something harmful in these detergents?" So, I thought I'd give Soap Nuts a try.  Unfortunately, I didn't notice any difference with the cleanliness of my laundry.  However, I did notice that my baby's rash went away.   I contacted the owner and told her that I didn't notice this dramatic "green clean" with the soap nuts.  I was certain that she wasn't going to like this report, however she seemed very pleased.  She stated, "This is the point.  You will notice that soap nuts clean and remove odors from your laundry just like the chemical and fragrant detergents, but MINUS all of the toxic ingredients that are harmful to your family and the environment...just look how your baby's skin has responded!"   I'm not sure if I was expecting to open my washing machine and have a big green tree jump out at me, but then I realized she's right.   My clothes are still getting clean & removing odors.  Pretty crazy from some soap berries off a tree!   - Dr. Kerry from IL 

 ORGANIC SALON - WE ONLY USE PURE PRODUCTS FOR OUR CHEMICAL SENSITIVE CUSTOMERS! We operate a clean air salon offering an organic way of life and we strive to USDA certified organic in almost everything we do and sell.  Yoreganics Soap Berries are the only cleaner we use for all of our towels, capes, sheets and blankets in the salon and massage rooms.  Clients always comment on the fresh clean smell and softness.  We also have clients who continue to RAVE about the results they have with the Yoreganics Bye Bye Dry balm! -Shelly, owner of IndiGO organic in Mankato, MN



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