mama needs

Mama, we got you covered!

Moisturize.  Soothe.  Improve.  Skin Stuff.  

BEAUTY - chapped lips, cuticles. removes eye makeup. moisturize around eyes

NURSING - cracked, painful nips - safe for baby to ingest

BELLY - moisturizes, soothes itching & minimizes stretch marks

C-SECTION - can be used as a natural healing ointment (only when ready for moisture on incision) 

HEMORRHOIDS - helps relieve itching & inflammation

VAJAJAYS - relieves & soothes itching, dry, cracked, torn skin & wounds

CHAFING - reduce dry friction around groin, thighs, boobs, underarms, bums and any other painful, swollen areas

EXTREME DRY SKIN - moisturize, soothe and improve any dry skin issues

ECZEMA - dermatitis, dry skin, rashes, psoriasis 

CRACKED HEELS/ELBOWS - soothe & improve 

FUNKY RASHES - helps heal random rashes

FIRST AID - soothes & improves cuts, scars, burns (wind, sun and fire)

MASSAGE - perfect opportunity for someone to lube you up for a good massage that you deserve! 

INGREDIENTS: jojoba oil*, shea butter*, extra virgin coconut oil*, extra virgin olive oil*, beeswax*, rosemary extract*, calendula extract*  FRAGRANCE FREE

*USDA certified organic ingredients  CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY OREGON TILTH